Road Construction Techniques
Modern road construction involves the removal of geographic obstacles, and the use of new construction materials that are far more improved and durable. Rock and earth is removed by explosion or digging. Embankments, tunnels, and bridges are constructed, and then vegetation is removed by deforestation, if necessary. Finally, the pavement material is laid by using a range of road construction equipment..

Construction Management of Roads
With ever increasing traffic and exponentially increasing vehicular load, construction management techniques have become the need of the hour. Managing maximum traffic in optimal space is what the world needs today. Safe designing of roads, highway space management and proper drainage of water are major aspects that the site engineers have to take care of. Construction management includes putting all the pieces of puzzle together, defining project objectives, dividing the project into modules and optimizing the available resources. Time, money and resource management are important aspects. Time saved is money earned, and that is where construction management techniques are helpful.

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